Successful workshop in Lisbon!

On September 11th, world renowned experts met in Lisbon at the ESSDERC/ESSCIRC conference 2023. The ICOS and SiNANO team, joining efforts to organise a workshop together, had a small room for a big topic: semiconductors, and more specifically, the workshop “European Strengths and Gaps in Emerging Semiconductor Technologies”.

The objectives of the workshop were to present research and insights on the semiconductor global landscape, to better assess what Europe was good at or where did weaknesses lie, and define the best ways to operate in order to create (or develop) international collaborations, opportunities…

This was also the occasion to discuss of major challenges and the role semiconductors play in them, such as the climate crisis for instance.

During half a day, participants could get an overview and discuss ICOS thanks to Francis Balestra (CNRS/ICOS coordinator/ SiNANO Institute), talk of the general semiconductor ecosystem with Léo Saint-Martin (Decision Etude Conseil), enter deep thinking with a talk on Advanced Computing with Olivier Faynot (CEA-LETI) and Nadine Collaert (imec), then dive into the world of Smart Sensors with Alan O’Riordan (Tyndall) and Energy Harvesting with Gustavo Ardila (Grenoble INP-UGA) and Smart Energy, introduced by Markus Pfeffer (Fraunhofer IISB). Finally, the workshop concluded on Silicon Photonics with Roel Baets (imec/Ghent University) and a passionate open discussion with everyone.

Thanks to all the attending participants!

All the presentations are available here: Workshop – European Strengths and Gaps in Emerging Semiconductor Technologies