ICOS will fuel the growth of the European Semiconductor and Semiconductor-based photonics industry by pursuing four objectives.

Identify and support the establishment of the most promising scientific international collaborations through an in-depth analysis of:

  • Semiconductor value chains, including semiconductor-based photonics 
  • Strengths and gaps of European and International industries 
  • Next-generation and emerging technologies. 

Support the Commission

Support the Commission in its effort to re-establish the global position of Europe in the semiconductor value chain, as advocated by the European Chips Act, by identifying topics on which research cooperation with leading semiconductor countries could be beneficial to the growth of the European industry.  

Support the growth of the European Semiconductor industry

Support the growth of the European Semiconductor industry through focused research alliances, pushing forward topics on bilateral or multilateral research initiatives with other leading countries, like USA, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, … 

Strengthen Europe’s position

Strengthen Europe’s position in global value chains in this area, through balanced partnership with like-minded leading countries by developing initiatives of mutual interest.