ICOS strategy

​ICOS will conduct an analysis of the value chain of semiconductors

A strategy based on several phases.

It will help identifying the strength and gaps of European and International industries in this domain, and also the emerging technologies.

  • Exhaustive analysis of the value chains of semiconductors for electronics and photonics
  • Identification of strengths and gaps of European and international industries in this area
  • Identification of emerging technologies

Economic landscape analysis:

ICOS will investigate where strengths and gaps are in value chains. It will be conducted across 3 dimensions, with the active participation of industrial stakeholders, directly or through the Industrial Advisory Board and benefiting from the yearly updating of the ECS-SRIA: 

  • The semiconductor value chains: Raw materials, wafers production, equipment (machines & tools), EDA, semiconductor front-end/back-end, IP/design, R&D… 
  • Types of electronic and photonics components: Semiconductor-based photonics, advanced processors (minimum geometry), memories, analog / RF, microcontrollers, power components, sensors, security IC… 
  • End-user segments: Mobility, Industrial, Aerospace/Defense/Security, Health & Care, Telecommunication, Data processing and Computing, Home appliances, Audio & Video.

Technology scanning & foresight

This phase will cover the next-generation and emerging technology segments, where cooperation on research could be less affected by confidentiality considerations and more fruitful for the future. It will focus on: 

  • mapping and review of roadmaps and strategic agendas 
  • impact assessment along different axes, such as current scientific status and forecast … 

Then, thanks to the results obtained, ICOS will highlight the research subjects likely to benefit the most for the European strategy. Future bilateral or multilateral research initiatives, with balanced partnerships on topics of mutual interest, will therefore be able to rely on the results of ICOS in order to ensure optimal collaboration. 

Further on, ICOS will enter the consolidation stage implementation with a reduced set of Countries to work with in a more effective way.