ICOS Concept

​Strengthening the position of Europe in the field of semiconductors is of strategic importance.

ICOS Concept

To support the growth of the European Semiconductor and Semiconductor-based photonics industry, ICOS fosters international research cooperation, in line with the EU Chips Act’s objectives. 

The project was thus organised as a flow starting with the global analysis of the worldwide landscape in this field and leading to an effective agenda for international cooperation, able to strengthen EU position within the global semiconductors competition. 

Selection Process

The selection process starts with a landscape analysis, based on two parallel actions:  

Coordination: Economic analysis of the semiconductor ecosystem  

Economic landscape analysis to investigate where strengths and gaps are in value chains and conducted across 3 dimensions with the active participation of industrial parties, either directly or through the Industrial Advisory Board and taking profit of the yearly updating of the ECS-SRIA.  

Coordination: Identification of research areas for international cooperation Technology scanning & foresight covering the next-generation and emerging technology segments, where cooperation on research could be less affected by confidentiality considerations and more fruitful for the future. 

Consolidation Process

It builds on the outcome of the first phase, by combining the critical points identified in the selection process, with the potential for cooperation with international partners

It performs two main activities:  

Coordination: Determination of most interesting countries for international cooperation 

Matching and filtering of topics and potential partners, including the definition of criteria, based also on the compatibility of target partners with the European guidelines in terms of sustainability, environmental compatibility and human rights. The process strives for a balanced cooperation. 

Support: Agenda for, and initiation of, international cooperation  

Framing and supporting concrete cooperation, which implements the results of the previous activities, providing advice and support to the Commission in the establishing of joint research actions with the identified countries. 

​ICOS starts with economical analysis of the ecosystem and the identification of research areas.

​​Once the basis for a solid cooperation are found, ICOS will frame and support an effective cooperation.

Monitoring Process

Relevant outcomes will be fostered and shared.  

To encourage further action throughout the ICOS network and stress out the potential of European collaboration, relevant outcomes will be widely shared and made accessible. 

Support: Networking, Communication & Dissemination  

To maximize the impact of the ICOS project, networking, communication and dissemination actions, such as international conference or events, will be implemented. It will give direct insights on the outcomes of the Project both to citizens, scientific community, stakeholders.. and raise awareness on ICOS objectives and achievements.  

Project communication aims to  contribute to the devlopment of new potential partnerships for international cooperation.